Thursday, May 8, 2008

War Eagle (Sail #30486)

War Eagle (sail #30486), a Serendipity 43 was in Cleveland until 1998 or 99 and then sold to someone in Nova Scotia. Her sail number in the states was US 30486

War Eagle, if I remember correctly was built by New Orleans Marine for Frank Miller, can't remember the year or Hull#, Sail #'s correct from the above post. Second owner was Stanley Roediger out of LYC in Cleveland. Roediger repainted the boat and did alot of upgrades. I remember seeing the boat's name on a few trophies at North Cape and Toledo Yacht Clubs from when Miller campaigned the boat. If I find some pictures, I'll try to post them.

Boat was fairly "stripped out" below. Two bulkheads, pipe berths aft, lots of lead chunks in the bilge, nav station, minor galley area, did have an enclosed head. Maybe the proper discription below was, unfinished.

War Eagle was THE boat on lake Erie in the 80's I Sailed on a couple of booze cruises, other than that only saw their stern. It was pretty sparce down below as I recall.

War Eagle left Cleveland and came to Newfoundland a few years back. She raced her first year or so here and won.She's since had some changes made to make her cruisable and I have spent some time on her.Great sailing boat and huge down below.

War Eagle came in 18th at the 1996 Ohio Governor's Cup:
USA 30486 - Serendipity 43
War Eagle
Stan Roediger
Lakeside Yacht Club Cleveland


Pierre Deruelle said...


SWe just bought war eagle, how cold we participate in your blog?


Pierre Deruelle

Matt said...

Hi Pierre,

That's great news, thanks for writing in! Send me an email: mattdrayer (at) hotmail (dot) com and I will sign you up as an author of the blog. Once you're an author you will be able to post updates, photos, etc.



Anonymous said...

Here is the boat by the way!