Thursday, May 8, 2008

Quadriga (Sail #30353)

Quadriga, a Serendipity 43 which sails out of Apostle Islands Yacht Club

Sail # 30353,

I believe Chaparral was in Chicago, owned by Paul Setze (?). Not sure where it went, perhaps Lake Superior.

1984: Chaperall was sold to Gory Jones and Chester Hajec. It was located in Newport. They moved it to Bayfield, Wisconsin (Apostle Islands Yacht Club on Lake Superior) and renamed the boat Quadriga. It was raced regularly for 15 years, participating in 2 Trans Superior, 1 Mac Race, many Lake Superior distance races and local bouy races. I ran the racing program on Quadriga for 15 years.

2006: sold to unknown buyer, still in Washburn, WI (next town down from Bayfield)

Quadriga(#30353, old Chapperall) on the hard in Washburn, WI.


Ken said...

She was in fact owned by Paul C. Setze my father, he always did love that boat and she was a great boat to race on. Original color was red just like his hair

Paul C and Paul J put the boat together during the winter after my father bought her.

We did 5 Chicago Mackinac races ((2) Chicago-Sarnia races, one we had to drop out of) and (2) Port Huron Mackinac races on her while she was in Chicago.

She ended up on the east coast, Newport where my dad finally did sell her I believe in 1987.

Ken Setze

Jeremy said...
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Jeremy said...

My father raced on Quad in the 90's. She raced a the Mac, Trans Superior, Apostle Island Race Week, etc. I sailed the Duluth Triangle on her.
She was berthed for many years at the Apostle Islands Yacht Club.

We sold her for the owner sometime between 2003-2005. However the owner intended to single hand the boat and subsequently didn't sail it much. I have heard she was up for sail again. She is currently in Washburn, WI.