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"Their neighbours, the Dutch, had Peter Vroon back once again, this time with the all-conquering Marionette renamed, appropriately, Formidable. She was joined by her former British team mate, Yeoman XX, now also renamed, Dagger, but not showing the class she had previously. The team was completed by the Serendipity 43, Schuttevaer, one of the most consistent of Peterson's production designs, built by New Orleans Marine."


Anonymous said...

Hi There,

My name is Ben de Ruyter.

I am the present owner of the Schuttevaer. The boat is now called Panta Rhei.
I am the 3rd owner since 1993.
The boat is located in Holland in the place called Muiden. The boat is still in good condition. We use her quit a lot and take her out for corporate charters during the summer time. We still race the boat and are still winning prices against brand new boats.
I have a lot of pictures.

Best regards,

Ben de Ruyter

Anonymous said...

"Schuttevaer" was the 4th boat for Jan Van Dam carrying that particular name and is the master design for the Serendipity 43.
She was a one-off based on the new Peterson hull-concept from the hugely successful slightly smaller "Yena(2)" and "Dida Quinta", 1978 2-tonners built in Italy.
If she is to be regarded a Serendipity 43 (along with "Wings", also 1979 one-off) you might consider including "Big Shadow", SWE-8151, a design-sister built at Baltic Yachts simultaneously for a Swedish owner, Sven Bjerser. Both "Schuttevaer" and "Big Shadow" participated in SORC-79.
Regrettably I don't have complete results lists from 79:
Schuttevaer,SORC,B: ?, ?, 1, 4, ?, ?
Big Shadow,SORC,B: 5, ?, ?, 3, ?, ?

Someone wrote in a comment on this site that the Serendipity mould had been sold to Baltic Yachts for the Baltic 42DP (which was introduced already 1981).
My guess is that "Big Shadow" was master for the Baltic 42DP!?

Anonymous said...

My name is Peter and I'm proud owner Big Shadow, she is still going strong.
Home port Gothenburg, SE

Best Regards