Thursday, May 8, 2008

Conquest I

Conquest I (sail #74389), a Serendipity 43 owned by Ray Betts, CRE

Not sure if this is the same boat or not -- it is located in British Columbia: Posting

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Ray said...

Hi Matt
(from Ray Betts)
An update for you on Conquest 1.
She is owned by Garrick William, Ken Morrice and myself and is out of Crescent Beach marina in British Columbia.
Garrick saw her in Frisco or LA about 15 years ago, he was surprised to see her again a couple of years later in Vancouver BC, up for sale, (could this be a case of serendipity?) but in a very sorry state.
He and a couple of other guys bought her and moved her down to Blaine WA, and then to BC a few years later.
I knew about the Conquest used as a sail training vessel for the US Navy in Annaolis, but have been unable to link the two. Nor have I had any luck in finding out the hull number.
Maybe you can help here? Out of the 26 built, how many and which are MIA? maybe I can narrow it down.
Great Blog