Thursday, May 8, 2008

Samiko (Hull #26, Sail #26)

Samiko (hull #26) is a Serendipity 43 owned by Dexter Bailey and features a wedge deck and apparently is the last S43 hull produced.

Bay Area Corinthian Yacht Club 2005 MidWinters Race Report -- See the "IOR Warhorse" group to see both Samiko and Running With Scissors in the standings.

Based on the hull number, it appears that Samiko is for sale: View the Posting

"Designed in the late 70’s by Doug Peterson as a sloop rigged racer cruiser based on the IOR rules, early models were flush deck all out racers manufactured by Serendipity Yachts of Marin. By 1980 production of a wedge cabin version had been added as well as a full cockpit with coamings and bridge deck. This added additional volume and allowed over 6’4” headroom while still maintaining the sleek profile. Hull is solid hand laid fiberglass with 6 longitudinal stringers. Cabin and deck are balsa cored. Hull to deck attachment is via thru bolted toe rail with integral 1 _” track, fiberglass and 3M 5200 caulking. All main bulkheads and chainplates are solidly glassed to hull and deck.

The hull, deck and all major bulkheads were assembled and bonded at Serendipity Yachts Marin facility in 1982. Final completion took place in Santa Cruz at Moore’s boatyard over the year of 1991-2. Launch was late 1992, followed by her sea trials and first sail on 7/4/93. This hull, #26, is believed to be the last off the Marin production line. Baltic Yachts later acquired the hull mold, retooled the deck and marketed it as the Baltic 42DP. "

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