Thursday, May 8, 2008

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster is a Serendipity 43 located in Richmond, CA.

There is a blog site for the boat listing it for sale: Visit the Roller Coaster site

Full Interior
Pathfinder Diesel
Full Batten Main
3 Jibs
Depth Finder


Scott Schreiber said...

I just bought Roller Coaster! Taking her to Panama in February, starting up a school of nautical joinery for at risk indigenous youth in Panama city.

Does anyone here have construction docs. for the Serendipity 43? Sure would be nice to have for my new home.

Matt said...

Congrats, Scott! There are some scans of the original line drawings available in the S43 History section. I have larger versions of them available if you would like copies.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Matt. Didn´t even know you had replied. I was just refering to this blog spot when I saw your reply. Would love to get hold of whatever you can provide!!! My email address:

Scott Schreiber said...

Hey Matt,

Looking for more info and maybe more... Dismasted 10 hrs. after leaving riggers who replaced standing rigging. I'd be interested in getting hold of detailed drawings if any members have them and if anyone knows of a suitable mast, rigging, sails, etc. at good prices.



Anonymous said...

Rollercoaster is not a Serendipity 43. It is a Choate 44, also a Doug Peterson Design. It was originally owned by the Golison Family in Long Beach, CA.