Thursday, May 8, 2008

Salt Shaker

Salt Shaker, a Serendipity 43 located near Oxnard/Channel Islands, CA, Ultralite 43 Crusing version


Bob Titulaer said...

Salt Shaker has been renamed Vesper by its previous owner. I bought her late 2009, she's located at Channel Island Harbour, Ventura CA. We are renovating and preparing her to take her around the world.
Bob and Patricia

Samantha Marois said...

In December 2013, Dan Maxwell purchased Vesper (previously known as Salt Shaker) from Bob Titulaer. We still reside in the sunny, beautiful Channel Islands Harbor. Up to this point, we've sailed her around the local southern coasts of CA including weekend trips to Anacapa and Santa Cruz Island. Relying solely on the wind and the sun for power, Vesper is an amazing boat to cruise; she is our home. We are letting our dreams set sail.