Thursday, May 8, 2008


Fruition, Gately, PHRF NE -- Jim Taylor of Marblehead (Taylor Yacht Designs) did some work on this Serendipity 43, as well as on JAM/MoJoe.

Fruition originally lived in Scituate, MA but was never actively raced (or sailed for that matter). I believe it had a fairly full interior for that type of boat as well as a furling main, etc. I think they tried to make a fast cruiser out of the boat.This was during the early to mid eighties. Haven't lived down that way for a long time so, no idea of the status now.


Battleship Bill said...

At summer 2008 Fruition is still moored at Hewitt's Cove in Hingham, MA.. She is kept up-to-date and, while used for almost exclusively for cruising, placed 2nd in the 2008 Figawi non-spinnaker top non-spinnaker class.

Fruition's New Orleans Marine hull was sent to Palmer Johnson for a first class fitting out by her original owner (two heads en suite, telephone pole-like Hood Sto-Way mast, etc.). She is, technically, a PJ-43, although her hull and measurements are exactly the same as a Serendipity 43. Except, of course, for the new, heavier 6'3" scheel keel that Jim Taylor designed for her and JAM in 2005. She sails very well with the new keel; she lost two or three point to weather but is slightly faster at all other points of sail.

Fruition is headed for the Caribbean 1500 Rally in Nov. 2008.

Matt said...

Thanks for the update, BB. Would love to get Sail/Hull#, as well as pics, if you have them.

Feel free to submit updates as you prepare for the Rally.