Thursday, May 8, 2008


I have the original Serendipity 43 marketing literature from 1980. They say that Acadia was the only one (at that point) that was stripped out. The others had "interiors".

"I believe Acadia was the first hull produced"


r.grove248 said...

Purchased in Lymington, Hampshire, England by J.C.Lewis in the winter of 1980 and renamed Ultimatum,Acadia the prototype of the Serendipity 43 flush decked well balanced and a joy to race.
IOR Two Ton Cup Sardinia 1981
Sardinia Cup 1982 for Hong Kong.
Sardinia Cup 1984 for England.
and three Admirals Cup trails, England.Plus plenty of Solent and RORC victories.
Stangely the rudder also broke off as at least one of the others have done.
Six pipe cots galley and open heads,fuel and water bladders under lower beam cots.
Super yacht, sold in 1984 went to Great Lakes.

acadia said...

I am the current owner of ACADIA which i purchased in 2000. Her name at that time was TRUE NORTH and I brought her back to her original name ACADIA. Her tiller has been changed to a wheel and there are now accomodations below. Her color is flag blue with white bottom & boot top.
Unfortunately she might become a sales candidate.

best regards
Peter Clements