Thursday, May 8, 2008

Air Waves

Air Waves was another Serendipity 43 that started on the east coast and got to Chicago when brought here by Dale Smirl.

There was a black hulled "cruiser/racer" version owned by a guy named Tommy (something) in Maine that was sold into Chicago with the name Airwaves.

There was also a white version of the same, called Cour De Leon, in Detroit.

Air Waves in Chicago from Maine

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Anonymous said...

I raced that boat for 3 years. Owner was Turner Porter - owned radio stations, hence "Airways". Sailed out of Portland Yacht Club. Affectionally known as "Airwick" due to a funky smell eventually traced to a pertified holding tank found after being t-boned at a start.

Loved that boat - it was donated to an orgaization in the Chicago area in about 1984. A few creature comforts and it would be a great fast cruiser - I single handed it many times.