Friday, February 26, 2010

"Active" Vessels

Here is a list of boats in their current (confirmed) incarnations. A boat qualifies as "confirmed" if pictures, a message, or a writeup exists from within the past year or so. Obviously names can change at any time, especially with so many of these boats currently for sale. Hull numbers, where known, are indicated in ()'s.

1. Wings (1)
2. Conquest (6) [ex. Whiplash]
3. Mojoe (9) [ex. Jam, Jammin']
4. Lone Star (10)
5. Fruition (16)
6. Fame (25)
7. Samiko (26)
8. Counterpoint
9. Red Baron [ex. Titan 3]
10. Peregrine
11. Scarlett O'Hara
12. Roller Coaster
13. Houn Dawg
14. Running With Scissors [ex. Pied Piper, Traveller, Terminator]
15. Corsair
16. Quadriga [ex. Chaparral]
17. Blitz [ex. Vagary]
18. Panta Rhei [ex. Schuttevaer]
19. Ra Carat Crude [ex. Louisiana Crude, Michigan Crude]
20. Dancing Bear
21. Frumious Bandersnatch
22. War Eagle
23. Acadia (ex. True North, Acadia)
24. Fast Company (ex. Aphonecious)

Unconfirmed, but possibly current...

25. Air Waves
26. Midnight Sun
27. Salt Shaker


wingssail said...

At this point, lacking any better information, I am going to claim "hull number 1" for Wings. Wings was custom built over a jig (not from a mold). I do have photos of this construction. It is my understadning that a mold was used for subsequent boats and I have been told that the mold was taken from Wings' hull. Anyone with info on that who could confirm or dispute this is encouraged to speak up.

Other custom Peterson boats were finished before Wings, to the same or similar design, but I don't think they were sold by Serendipity Yachts as Serendipity 43's. I believe Wings was the first.

Matt said...

Hi Fred,

Sounds good to me! The only possible dispute I could bring up would be Acadia, which was supposedly the first boat, but it could definitely be one of the other custom Peterson boats you refer to.

I do know that MoJoe has a wooden plaque mounted at the bow just below the opening to the anchor locker that displays "No. 9" as well as another number whose purpose I haven't been able to determine.


Anonymous said...

I helped to build & race "Goodbye Girl", for Jim Bozell, in 1980. Custom race version, Sail # 15555, and the only Serendipity 43 I know of with (2) foredeck hatches. Last known as "Chesapeake" in 1990.
I have been trying to locate her for years. If anyone who has seen one as described, I would greatly appreciate a shout out.

E Skinner said...

Hi, Matt.

What do I have to do to get Fast Company, US43456, listed as active?

Lying Arnold, Maryland, Fast Company is alive and well. Retired from racing mid 1990's. I have several photos of the yacht under sail.

Original owner, Ed Anderson named her Aphonecious, and won high-point on the Chesapeake Bay in the mid 1980s. Jointly owned by my father and aunt, the yacht is maintained for pleasure excursions.

Thank you.

Ed Skinner

Anonymous said...

The name for boat 19, "Ra Carat Crude", should be replaced with "Rå Carat" which is the proper name/spelling.

steven berger said...

does anyone know where I might get a set of plans for the 43. I just bought #6 now Conch Quest