Friday, December 23, 2016

Letter From Eric Moe-Serendipity Yachts

Serendipity was my father,[Bob Moe]'s company. I spent many hours working on that boat [Wings] and it was the first to launch from San Rafael in Richmond. In the last week it was 7 X 24. There was a groove on the Richmond bridge for years from the trailer dragging on the delivery. First race was a Wednesday beercan race out of Point Richmond. I will never forget that experience. In the Big Boat Series, my job was trimming the running backs (loading up in the lulls to undbend the mast and add draft to the main). I crewed on Sioc in the 1980 Transpac and sailed with Lowell and Danny North on Moonshadow in the Big Boat Series. I was going through the archives and found the original IOR measurement certificate from 1979. Eric Moe some images and video:


Anonymous said...

Eric, I have some questions about ex Prism, I'd really appreciate an email. You contacted me a few years ago via CL. Thanks!

Larry Axelrod said...

Eric, Your Dad hired me in 1975 as a drafter/ designer for Serendipity Shelter Systems, my first architectural job
in the Bay Area. The office was still on Pier 3 at the time and I could not believe my luck to be hired
by a firm that shared a location with a tug boat company . One day Bob came to my desk with a drawing of a sailboat
designed by Doug Peterson, who he sometimes referred to as "Dougie baby". He had sketched some changes to the interior
that he wanted redrawn and I quickly became a yacht draftsman. Your parents were just the greatest people to work for.
Please drop me a line if convenient.; I'm retired in Polk County, Florida.
Larry Axelrod (

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, Amazing video! Can you try to get the original footage form the local network? In the off chance they still have it in their archives I think we would all love to see more of the boat works, the races etc!