Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fast Company

Fast Company is the robin's egg blue hulled S43 you noted.  The boat is lying Arnold, MD, owned by my father and aunt.  Raced extensively on the Chesapeake Bay between 1985 and 1996, the boat did not see blue water during this time.

Previous original owner, Ed Anderson, purchased the boat new, named Aphonecious, raced Annapolis-Newport, Onion Patch, Block Island Race Week, and Newport-Bermuda.  Race results from NYYC during this time period appear to have been lost, but, I recall they were very successful.  If I recall, Gary Jobson was tactician for many of these contests.  Two-time CBYRA (Che's. Bay Yacht Racing Assn.) IOR High-Point winner. Anderson donated the boat to the US Naval Academy through a group called People to People Sports, who leased/sold the boat to my Grandmother, becoming a family club-racing yacht.

A raised deck model, the boat remains largely mint except the addition/replacement of instruments, auto helm, and powered primary winches.  The boat was ordered with a custom KeelTech keel that was moved 2ft forward to adjust balance, so at 8'4" draft, windward performance and light air conditions, the boat really prances.

Last year we repaired some deck delamination around the mast winch cluster, and now addressing the headliner replacement resulting from the original installer's use of ferrous steel staples.


cbmmboats said...

Fast Company still in excellent condition and is currently for sale at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum's Boat Donation Program. If you or someone you know may be interested please visit for a description, photos, and contact information.

Bob said...

Fast Company purchased from Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and now renamed CloudBreak. Will be active on the Bay -- super boat with lots of life and races still in her.