Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Solid Finish for MoJoe

360 miles, 90 hours, and a solid dose of nonexistant air pressure later, four members of the PHRF4 class sailed into Halifax Harbor in unison, with Lindy (PHRF 87) leading the pack and MoJoe (PHRF 78) close behind. Driving to the line, Lindy took honors with MoJoe crossing second less than five minutes later.

Overall, the race went well for MoJoe, who suffered only a disabled head in terms of equipment failures. According to crewmember Chris Grieves, the weather was perfect, with no rain or fog to deal with, and a bright moon to sail by every night.

After time corrections, MoJoe ended up in 5th place -- square in the middle of the pack. While a slightly disappointing finish after leading the pack for much of the race, the crew is happy with the placement, which is a major improvement over the last-place finish in the 2008 Newport-Bermuda Race. The team put a lot of hard work into the boat during the offseason to bring her back to racing form, and it has clearly made a difference.

Congratulations, MoJoe, on a great race effort!

Final PHRF4 Placings for 2009 Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race:

Rank Yacht Type Nation Owner PHRF Rating Time (Corrected)

1 Airborne IV BEN 50 CAN Greenwood 99 91:21:47
2 Lindy PET 38 USA Dickerson 87 92:42:28
3 Swift NY 44 USA Hudson 90 93:19:53
4 Jaded J105 USA Rugg 81 93:47:11
5 Mojoe SER 43 USA Naroski 78 94:08:52
6 Duck! BEN 367 CAN Maloney 78 94:29:50
7 Jacqueline IV HSW 42 USA Forman 99 95:31:44
8 Night Train C&C 40 CAN Moore 87 95:34:50
9 Laughing Lady SWN 44-2 USA Lippman 78 96:52:16
10 Helm's Deep BEN 367 CAN Sutton 78 98:43:20
RET Eagle J-40 USA Oviatt 78
RET Rainmaker SWN 40 USA Renz 81
RAC Veladare C&C 42 USA Myles 87

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