Thursday, May 21, 2009

Acadia (True North!) update

Peter Clements wrote in recently to claim one of the few remaining "Active Vessel" slots for Acadia! Peter picked up Acadia in Annapolis in 2000, her name then was...True North! So, we have connected those two boats and some more of the S43 history-mystery has been uncovered.

Peter's original comment can be seen on the Acadia page -- thanks for writing in, Peter!

"i am the current owner of ACADIA which i bought in 2000. The name prior was TRUE NORTH but I brought her back to her original name ACADIA. Boat currently sits in Greenwich CT on the East Coast. She is currently flag blue with white bottom & boot top. The tiller has been changed to a wheel. Down below she has accomodations; large berth in stern & v berth in bow. Main saloon has upper & lower berths both port & starboard. Galley port side next to mast & nav desk starboard next to mast.
Although I do not want to sell her there is a chance she might be a sales candidate."


haro said...

Would you take alook at these pictures and comment if this a Peterson 43.

Matt said...

From the pics it does look like it might be one, yes, although the stern seems a little tighter and higher than the other boats I've seen. The deck is the "wedge style", versus the flush version. The boom and vang are the same as on MoJoe.

Where is this one located? I've heard of one that is a robin's egg blue color -- maybe this is it?