Monday, August 18, 2008

Lone Star Raffle Update

Bonjour Rafflers,

To date we have 23 commitments for Lone Star raffle tickets. Not an auspicious beginning BUUTTTT hope springs eternal. We will continue with this marketing concept until it is successful, we are sure it is no going to work, or we get an acceptable offer and our Baby goes on to her new life under new command.

Regardless of how things go we will be ready for any or all of you to come and inspect Lone Star on or about November 1. Let us know if you are coming we can arrange to pick you up at both the Guaymas or Hermasillo airports (not if you all come on the same day. Our jeep seats 5 in a crunch). We can also put you in contact with a Mexican family who have a small house just off the beach that is available at a reasonable rent.

That's about it from Southern France where Fall has Fell and would you believe it is getting cool/cold. I/E Cold nights, Cool days. Steffie & Gary Languishing in Pierrerue

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