Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soverel vs. Peterson

From The Soverel 26 Owners' Site

"Despite the Grey Mist fiasco, Locura's owner believed strongly in Soverel's design ability, and he commissioned Mark to design a boat to win the SORC. A second Locura popped off Soverel's drawing board, this one 43 feet long and very fast. Going into the Nassau Cup, the final race of the Circut. Soverel found himself with a comfortable ten-point lead over Chriss Corlett and the Crew of the Peterson 43, Scarlett O'Hara.It looked like Mark's year at last, but....

The race started with a downwind drag race to the first mark. Scarlet got away clean and Soverel had to jibe away at the start in a port / starboard situation. He never recovered and finished far enough back to allow Scarlet to grab the overall fleet trophy."

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