Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Not much known about Moonshadow, other than a couple comments scooped up from the SailingAnarchy.com forum:

*My dad worked at a shop finishing Serendipidy 43's in San Rafael Ca for a few months back in 1981. While he was there Moonshadow was completed and raced in the '81 BBS. Think the owner was Bob Moe. Moonshadow was gorgeous with silver topsides and a black bottom. Think she left the Bay Area right after the BBS; I can't remember where she went to."

"There was also a cruising version called SILVER STAR that did the BBS in around 1981 or so. The "Slurpendripity" 43's came in two versions, one was a flush deck "racing" version, the other had a low cabin, smaller cockpit, and cockpit coamings, and was called the "cruising" version. I don't remember that either had much of an interior. Oops, the cruising version from the BBS was called MOONSHADOW, and had beautiful silver painted topsides."

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Mill Valley Little League said...

actually Bob Moe was the owner of Serendipity Yachts.
The boat was built for Ned Wynn, I believe. He attempted to take delivery offshore to avoid the taxes, but the IRS came after him. On the delivery, he purchased two stainless steel machine guns to fend against any potential pirates.
Ned was a Ferrari driving entreprneur of some sort. Apparently after runors of being "buried in concrete," he disappeared. I know he had a big unpaid bill at the Ferrari mechanic on pier 9.
Moonshadow was raced in the Big Boat Series helmed by Lowell North (Danny North was also on board)
. The results were less than impressive, as Moonshadow was handily beat by another Serendipty "Sico," sailed by ray Pingree.