Monday, June 16, 2008

Fruition Update

From Battleship Bill (see comment on Fruition profile page):
"At summer 2008 Fruition is still moored at Hewitt's Cove in Hingham, MA.. She is kept up-to-date and, while used for almost exclusively for cruising, placed 2nd in the 2008 Figawi non-spinnaker top non-spinnaker class.

Fruition's New Orleans Marine hull was sent to Palmer Johnson for a first class fitting out by her original owner (two heads en suite, telephone pole-like Hood Sto-Way mast, etc.). She is, technically, a PJ-43, although her hull and measurements are exactly the same as a Serendipity 43. Except, of course, for the new, heavier 6'3" scheel keel that Jim Taylor designed for her and JAM in 2005. She sails very well with the new keel; she lost two or three point to weather but is slightly faster at all other points of sail.

Fruition is headed for the Caribbean 1500 Rally in Nov. 2008."

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