Friday, August 1, 2008

Unsolved Mysteries

Anyone having information that can shed light on the following vessels, feel free to post a comment:

* La Pantera, sail no. 59670, Finn Nielsen, 1999-2001, British Columbia area. Not a full Serendipity but an original Peterson 42 that sailed the 1979 Fasnet as La Pantera became Sunset (Terry B owner) became Chimera (Cliff L owner). No interior back then, steered by a tiller. Fun boat to sail as crew. I suspect a person could spend $100K making the boat sail to its rating today.

* And I believe the boat "Wolf Pack" was a Serendipity that I saw at the 1984 Kenwood Cup. Correction on Wolf Pack. I saw the boat in the 86 Kenwood Cup not 84. Still not sure if was a Serendipity.

* "The next year [1982]...Dreyfus (the builder) brought on 'Your Cheatin Heart' with Kolius and had a bad circuit. "

* one currently for sale in Sao Paulo Brazil [2007]

* Coeur de Lion of Detroit, for sale in Chicago in mid to late 90's, on 2001 IMS list. Was owned (and built for) Dr. Neal Wilson, and was raced out of Bayview Yacht Club. I did the Bayview Port Huron-to-Mackinac in 1993 and 1994 on the boat. Many of the locals nicknamed the boat, "Cord O'Wood". Great boat...

* Fast Company on the 2001 IMS list, M Edward Skinner III Anne Arundel County MD Built 1981

* I believe there was one named 'Oz' that sailed in MDR in the early '80s.

* another called Driller. both Winnebago models

* There was also one called SPECTRUM in San Diego owned by Bob Collins, and another called ELECTRA, also in SD, owned by Dr. Al Simon.

* ENESEAY (Sail# R67), a Peterson 43 owned by John Duffin in Australia


* Meu-Lar III, Chile

Ruby Rose Richard A Gaines King County WA, Built 1983

* Pretty sure that Bill Buchan's "Sachem" is a Serendipity hull --- has a nice coach roof house, not full flush deck. Great boat and really fun to sail with a great group in Seattle. Still owned by Buchan family, still named "Sachem" (American Indian term for chief I think) - wheel boat and really done well. [update: Sachem is a Peterson 44 -- not a Serendipity]

* Ed (James?) McDowell used to have a graphic like this on the bow of his Serendipity-43 "Illusion"


wingssail said...

I also have notes about three other boats, possibly duplicated on your list under other names:

1. Fast Company M Edward Skinner III Anne Arundel County MD
Built 1981

2. Impulse (Pet 43) Donald Bresnan Jamestown, Rhode Island 22399

3. Ruby Rose Richard A Gaines King County WA
Built 1983

wingssail said...

Matt, The Buchan family's Sachem is a Peterson 44 and I don't think it is a Serendipity.

I recall Wolf Pack, a dark blue boat, I don't remember thinking at the time that it was a Serendipity either.

Brian said...

Hi Matt

For an S 43 owner this is a hugely interesting blog with lots of really useful info.

FYI - I bought "The Frumious Bandersnatch" from the Beneteau agent in Hong Kong when Alan Burge part exchanged it for a First Class 12 ( in 1987). I still own it, but it hasn't been raced in an awfully long time. ( I race a Projection these days!)

Bandersnatch is based in the river Medway in the UK ( Southeast )these days. I brought it back from HK in 1990-91.

When I can get my head round how to upload a photo I'll send a recent one in - but I warn you, I have lots of questions about the boat as well!!!



Matt said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for writing in! Since you're an owner, send me an email -- mattdrayer (at) hotmail (dot) com -- and I can set you up as a blog author. This will allow you to post pictures and articles, to the blog.


Anonymous said...

* La Pantera, sail no. 59670....
If it really is the 1979 "La Pantera" her name was "La Pantera III", HKG-12, built with kevlar by the Hong Kong Chita Shipyard for Chris Ostenfeld.
Participated in the 1979 Admiral's Cup where the Hong Kong team (UK ex-patriots) finished an impressive 3rd.
Won 1980 China Sea Race.

* "The next year [1982] Dreyfus...
"Your cheatin' Heart" was a Frers one-off!
The Serendipity 43 mould was sold off to the "Lazzara Marine" shipyard after the 1981 SORC rating debacle.
The mould was modified during 1981 according to the directions of Scott Kaufman. At least "Scarlett O'Hara", built by Dreyfus, was from this modified shape.
Dreyfus built for the 1984 SORC "Détente" which was from one of the original 1980 Serendipity 43 moulds. She was a 1000 lbs. lighter than the previous Ser.43's (taking rating penalties). With the help of Tom Blackaller she won class D.

* I believe there was one named 'Oz'...
I've seen 1980 the names "Oz"(wedge-deck) and "Sioc" mentioned together with "Wings" being Serendipity 43. "Sioc" is probably same as "Sico" mentioned somewhere on this site taking part in the 1981 BBS.