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Tiana-Carissa is a Serendipity 43 owned at some point by Bob Neuerburg out of Seattle, as seen in this Cape Flattery race report from 2000:

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Also, from a 2000 Ranger 23 newsletter:

"I motored by the committee boat to clarify the location of the marks. The course as to a windward mark near the I-90 Bridge, a jibing mark near the east shore, the lee mark up by the I-520 Bridge, then back to the finish. The wind was light out of the south with a hint of more to come. The first start was at 9:30 so the big boats were tuning up. Haka, a Santa Cruz 50, Tiana Carissa, a Serendipity 43, Shoot the Moon, a Peterson 40, and about 10 other slightly smaller boats, were getting all woundup."

(Class 3: PHRF Heavy)

Carissa, 1984, Everett, WA, skipper/owner was Curt Lillebridge Ah yes, she was moored at Point Roberts for years, as I recall. A little more data on Carissa. Sail number 69122. Got 2nd. place in class in the Vic_Maui race in 84, and 1st. place in class in the Vic-Maui in 86. Did the Kenwood Cup in 86 and place somewhere in the middle of the class. Carissa did two Big Boat races in SF in 84 and 86. Did well doing the local Northwest and Canadian races when I was on the boat between 84-86. There were several owners after my time on the boat and don't remember who they were.

Tiana Carissa - owned by Curt Lillebridge in Washington from 1984 to 2000, and on the 2001 IMS list

"Ah yes, she was moored at Point Roberts for years, as I recall. More of a cruising version than a balls out racer, methinks."

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Nicholas Jakubik ( said...

My father "Jake" Jakubik raced on Carissa for many years and was partners with Kurt. I have been loosely keeping tabs on the boat over the years, but recently it has fallen off my radar. I now live in Florida, and at some point I would like to Buy the boat back. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from being on Carissa.