Thursday, May 8, 2008

Running With Scissors

Running With Scissors (sail #30810) is a Serendipity 43 owned by Chris Schaefer, and sails out of the Corinthian Yacht Club located in the Bay Area. A picture can be seen here:

Running With Scissors

"Terminator was around the bay for awhile, eventually donated to the Oakland Sailing program. No idea what happened to her after that."

From a 2003 article found on the Lattitude 38 Website

"I know there are a bunch of Doug Peterson-designed Serendipity 43s here in the Bay. Our team bought the boat formerly known as Terminator (ex: Pied Piper, ex: Traveller: ex: Real Crude) last year. We've renamed her Running With Scissors, something all our mothers also told us never to do. I know of several other 43s here in the Bay and close by, and we'd like to resurrect the Peterson-Serendipity 43 IOR class as the Jurassic Y.C. We did Vallejo Race last year, and will do it again this year.

Here are the 43s that I know about: Samiko*, wedge cabin at Coyote Point; Shave Ice*, full cruising conversion at Oyster Point; Corsair*, in Sausalito; Dancing Bear; Lone Star; Midnight Sun, flush deck at Jack London Square; Scarlett O'Hara, allegedly refitting in San Diego. And our Running With Scissors at Sierra Point, Brisbane. An asterisk means that I have a contact name and number.

I've heard rumors of several other S-43s in Northern California, especially Richmond and Alameda. Wouldn't it be fun to do Vallejo as a group, with chutes and bloopers, or maybe even recreate the dinosaurs' trips to the Big Boat Series?

Please let me know if you can connect me with any other Serendipity 43s, or if you have one and want to play.

Loren Luke
Coyote Point YC
San Mateo

Loren - We have fond memories of the Peterson-Serendipity 43s. They were the hottest things going in the early '80s, when we did one of our first big reporting trips to Nassau for the SORC, which was then the biggest thing in U.S. racing. A few years later, Tiburon's Bob Moe - who we'd once sold a new Islander 36 to - decided to go into production with the design, and gave them the name Serendipity 43. They continued to be competitive boats in the Clipper Cup in Hawaii and over at the Admiral's Cup in England. These days quite a few people have converted them into cruising boats. Good luck on assembling a quorum."

Jennings (now owner of an SC 70) Had a 43 that he called first Real Crude then Pied Piper which later became Traveler owned by Dave Irish.

"One of best boats in Chicago was a 43 named (originally) Real Crude owned by Dick Jennings which he later renamed Pied Piper as most of his boats have been. Piper (the 43) had a second career as Traveller. The list is endless of really good and successful Peterson 43 from all over the world. "


Ted Barry / John Barry & Associates said...

Running with Scissors is now owned by Barb and Ted Barry and the 6 kids and our daughter. We have had a great time with the boat.

A great day is sailing off the Southern California Coast. We intend to race the boat.

A couple of years ago we tried our hand at the Enscina Race. The wind died and we motored home.

The boat sails like a dream.

Hopefully we will have many great years to come.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ted.
In case you ever come by here again. It's Chris, ex RWS owner. I hope the boat is treating you well. I do miss it!