Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rå Carat Crude

Found a posting on a Swedish site and was able to translate it using Google (thank you, Web 2.0):

"Shareholding in the Serendipity 43 Carat Crude Crude, highly qualified racer / cruiser. 8 shares á 100 000 SEC offered in this retired havskappseglare. In the first instance wanted a partner who wants to fix and may sail together type socialkappsegling but also able to use the boat for individual semestersegling a couple weeks a year. 1981 Doug Peterson design built in New Orleans Marin. Length 13.00, width 3.95, djupg 2.50. Westerbeke 50 hp. A heavy equipment, toilet, galley, life-raft. Many opportunities to influence its use."

The photo is from the user's profile -- I'm assuming it's a shot of Rå Carat Crude (ex. Michigan/Louisiana Crude). Don't be fooled by the photos of the boat -- if you look closely, they are of Wings!!!


Torbjorn Kyller said...

Very interesting to see the blog for Serendipity 43. I´m searching for more info about Crude so later on I will contact You again. Now i´m on my way sailing her in the swedish archipelago for a few days. I bought the boat in Gothenburg, Sweden 2002. Now it is near Stockholm in the island Ljusterö.

Torbjörn Kyller

Anonymous said...

Torbjorn My brother and I used to take care of her when she was Michigan Crude. Any chance you guys have a USCG Certification Number??? We need it for or SEA service Forms? Thanks in advance