Saturday, May 10, 2008

MoJoe (Hull #9, Sail #15133)

2008: MoJoe (sail #15133), a Serendipity 43 owned by Joe Naroski of Marblehead, Massachusetts has recently gone in the water after a winter of hard work converting her from JAM (the cruiser) to the racer she is now. Joe is planning on entering her in the 2008 Newport-Bermuda race.

According to the records which came along with JAM, the vessel's name used to be Jammin'

"Back in 1988, 0r 1989 ther was a bitcin looking one called Jammin' in Northern Michigan. It had a silver metal flake paint job, that everyone was afraid to scratch. The owner was killed in an automobile accident the night before the Red Fox Regatta. Don't know what happened to that one though."

"Jammin in Northern Michigan in 1988 or 89, on the 2001 IMS list"


Anonymous said...

yup, i remember jammin' with its previous paint job, acutually a quite dark metallic gray, for sale at irish in harbor springs michigan in 1990. i thought it listed as something other than a serendipidy due to its deck and interior.

wgately237 said...

If "MoJoe" is the former "Jam" what happened to the aluminum dodger that her former owner had installed?

I sailed her with her former owner from Maine to Marblehead a few years ago and her bridge deck was gone and other extensive cruising modifications had been made.

Bill Gately
S. V. Fruition

Matt said...

Hi Bill,

The aluminum dodger was still installed on the boat when we picked her up in Newport last year. We removed it and much of the rest of the cruising gear over the winter. I think the dodger is currently sitting in the company parking lot of one of our crew. Joe has the rest of the cruising gear as well as other items (table, etc.) crammed into his garage.

There is now a smaller canvas dodger in place, which can be seen on the post with the Bermuda pics.



Anonymous said...

Here are a few photos...